Give2Gain WP Plugin – makes your product GO VIRAL & increases your blog traffic

The Give2Gain plugin takes advantage of the viral power of Social Media, by asking visitors for a ‘Social Share’ in exchange for an offer…

Single site , Multi-Site and Developers versions available.

This really is a fantastic way to drive traffic from Social Media back to your blog. Each person that lands on your blog, is drawn in by your irresistible offer, and in order to access it, they must share via Social Media, which drive their friends back to your site to check out the offer!

The cycle continues from there – using this plugin in conjunction with your enticing offer, can result in a viral effect.

With over 1.3 billion users, it’s not surprising that there are quite a few potential customers of yours using Facebook, right now!

BUT getting your the message out to them can prove difficult…

You can always pay to advertise with Facebook Ads, but this comes with a HUGE learning curve and it can become very expensive.

Take a look at this new Give2Gain WP Plugin which asks your visitors for a ‘Social Share’ in exchange for access to your offer.

This is deceptively simple, but genius at the same time!

Simply set up your offer, Give2Gain works great:

– a Free Report
– your Webinar Replay
– Discount Coupons
– A Free Module To Your Video Training Course
– A Free Trial To Your Recurring Membership Site
– A Free PLR Pack

and instead of supplying the direct link, you ask for a share in exchange, giving you further exposure to your offer.

Give2Gain makes getting those Social shares easier than ever before, by enticing readers with an irresistible offer that they just have to get their hands on, meaning that you can drive huge amounts of FREE traffic from Social Media.

This has literally JUST launched and is currently on sale at a price which can only be classed as a ‘no brainer’ but please take a look as soon as you see this because it’s currently on price freeze for 72 hours only, then it’s on dime-sale and increasing after every sale, so take advantage of the lowest price right now ….. Give2Gain

PS. Single site , Multi-Site and Developers versions available.

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