Digi Traffic Multiplier – 66% DISCOUNT

Digi Traffic Multiplier : Get your 66% DISCOUNT on the new wordpress plugin now.

This is what Digi ViralTraffic can do for you : Ask yourself a few simple questions:

* What’s better than getting lots of traffic? Traffic that keeps coming! Digi ViralTraffic makes it so easy for visitors to send your site to their friends they won’t even realise they’ve done it!

* What’s even better than having self-sustaining traffic? Your traffic being explosive! With one simple cut-and-paste you can have full integration with Facebook and Twitter… so every visit can generate a hundred more!

* What’s even better than having a huge amount of self-sustaining traffic? All that traffic building you a huge list, that’s what! Digi Viral Traffic makes it “click, click” simple to capture those leads on to any auto responder service you want to use.

* What’s even better than building a huge list? Building a huge list and making money at the same time! You don’t just get the squeeze… with just a couple of clicks you can send every sign-up to a professionally constructed one-time offer page. This isn’t marketing, this is a license to print money!

Sounds good? It gets even better!

* Get your offer viral-armed in seconds: if there’s one thing I know about marketers, it’s that we don’t want to spend ages messing around with code. Because every second you spend doing that is a second you could be making money! Digi Viral Traffic is designed to be cut/paste simple, giving you the power of weapons-grade marketing with just a few clicks of the mouse.

* Learn the secret copywriting techniques that grab your visitors by the throat and demand they sign up: Are you one of the few people making the most of their squeeze pages? Digi Viral Traffic comes pre-packaged with a guide to the perfect squeeze page written specially for you by a professional copywriter.

Let me be absolutely clear: this isn’t just another WordPress plugin… this is a complete viral money-making system… Digi Viral Traffic : WordPress plugin

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